Fellow member of CVR, Jack Kananian's letter to the editor of 1st Freedom, the NRA magazine was published in the June/July issue nationwide.  Way to go Jack!

Jesse, err, Letitia James, lives in a dystopian world in New York.  As the attorney general, she has constantly harassed President Trump, and now is attempting to disband the NRA. 
Her halfcocked ideas are repugnant to the average American, and many people outside NYC, and Albany. 
This career activist needs to clean up her act.  Ms. James, Cuomo, and DeBlasio are overseeing the loss of potential tax dollars by chasing the high earning people out of the state with their draconian policies.
Common sense Americans, will re-elect President Trump, and the people of New York will remove her for her classes attempt to abolish the NRA.