The Dragon Proxies

by Britt Alan
(cousin of CVR member Bob Dickow)
Book Review by Kathy Sciria

Britt Alan begins this novel with a collection of recent true news excerpts regarding China's "under the radar" power plays and military advancements along with articles referring to Iran's Quds Force's evolution into a global terror force.  Alan then builds his novel using these facts as a foundation to realistically scare the pants off of anyone concerned with United States national security.

The Dragon Proxies - Tiananmen Ascending begins with the son of the former United States Ambassador to China and former Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Cameron Nite witnessing a crippling, well-coordinated terror attack on Washington D.C.   Nite's current employment at the Pentagon along with his SEAL past make him the ideal candidate to investigate the attack, eventually leading him to strongly suspect China and Iran were behind the attacks.  But how to prove it?

The book alternates between Cameron's point of view and those of Xi Jun, the Chinese General Secretary and Agent Xi Gang of the Chinese Ministry of State Security and Jun's nephew.  Xi Jun is a cunning master-manipulator who has spent years putting the pieces in place to achieve his high goals of controlling Taiwan and the entire South and East China Seas, along with all of the natural resources therein.  He has placed his nephew, Agent Xi Gang in a position to assist him in diverting the attention of the United States by using the Iranians as a proxy force in the terror attacks.  While America is occupied with the terror, Xi Jun uses it to his great advantage.

Meanwhile, back in Washington D.C., Cam Nite is following leads and forming theories.  The investigation is riveting, taking us on quite a ride to many locales. The D.C. politicians are all too familiar, especially the unnamed president, who will frustrate and appall you to no end.  I can't reveal more, but eventually there is a hopeful turn of events.

Cam Nite is reminiscent of the late author Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp character - likeable, smart and ahead of the curve with a sensitivity that humanizes him.

The Dragon Proxies - Tiananmen Ascending is really well researched and it is open-ended enough that sequels are likely.  I highly recommend it.

The book gives us a feeling that the story is not as far from reality as we'd like it to be.