Many of the roots of Fascism can be traced to early twentieth century America, where the genesis of Progressivism existed in the writings and work of political theorist and activists such as Richard Ely, Margaret Sanger and Herbert Croly.

The early American Progressives were in turn heavily influenced by the “top down socialism” of none other than Otto von Bismarck, of Germany, who was the “catalyst of American progressive thought”, and introduced the eight hour workday, health care, and social insurance to German society.

The case can be easily made that Woodrow Wilson was the first Fascist president of America, as many of his political influences and policies were directly in line with Fascist ideology.

The term Liberal Fascism was coined by none other than H.G. Wells, a big proponent of Fascism and one of many Liberal "elites" who saw Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin and FDR, as sharing many of the same socio-economic ideas, and supported them enthusiastically.

Liberal Fascism by Johna Goldberg examines the complete history of Fascism, to be differentiated from Nazism, (although sharing the same genology) from Otto Bismark up thru the SDS of the 60's and todays Liberal Democrats.

Don't ever let a Liberal call you a Fascist again.  Fascism is a child begat of Marxism and the Left.