The Absolute Failure of Liberalism on Display in Ferguson


As I get ready to forward this letter I'm watching Barack Obama speak to the American Legion in Charlotte, NC. As he lies to these patriots who have served their nation proudly he is receiving the coolest, least enthusiastic reception I have ever seen a Commander in Chief receive. As always I am extremely proud of my fellow veterans.... they get it!  
Once again the absolute failure of liberalism is on full display in Ferguson, MO. where a white police officer shot and killed an 18 year old black man. Before any of the facts were known Al Sharpton and his army of race profiteers swarmed the scene to stoke the flames of discontent and widen the division between the races. Keeping the black community angry and maintaining racial tension and distrust is essential when you're in the race baiting industry.
As seen countless times these, so called, civil rights leaders have pre-judged the guilt of this police officer and are insisting on an indictment, followed by a guilty verdict, regardless of what the facts reveal. Anything short of this will be unacceptable and the criminal justice system will be labeled racist. This shameful narrative would be impossible to sell without the support of the Democrat party and a compliant, corrupt main stream media. The lie they peddle is that police departments across the country regularly target innocent black men.  
This problem doesn't lie with police departments or with the criminal justice system. The problem is the black crime rate and the absence of political courage needed to engage in that conversation. The greatest cause of death to black men ages 15 to 34 is murder. 91% of those murders are committed by other black men, not police officers. If Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson really wanted help fight violence against the black community, black on black crime would be an excellent place to start. 
Those of us paying attention understand that jobs, a strong economy and more personal responsibility are needed to help end this culture of violence.  These race hustlers have no intention of changing anything. The only thing Sharpton and Jackson care about is padding their own pockets and they need their flock to remain victims that can be manipulated when needed. For it to survive the Democrat party needs to maintain and grow a base of uninformed voters, dependent on government entitlements, and looking for more. As long as the folks living in poverty and violence keep checking the D on their ballot they will remain prisoners of big government and its failed Welfare State.