Obama's Distraction


The president and Congressional Democrats desperately want to change the conversation away from the disastrous law known as Obamacare. As Mr. Obama's ineptness becomes more apparent and his poll numbers continue to tank his familiar use of class-warfare will become more blatant and desperate. Income inequality is the latest head-fake he will use on his low information base and as always….he promises to fix it.


Anyone with an ounce of common sense and paying attention knows income inequality has greatly increased under the Obama regime. The medium household income during the "so called" recovery has declined as much as it did during the recession. Our jaws drop as we watch democrats rail against  income inequality when all the while it's their policies and social engineering that creates it. Have the Fed print $85 billion a month in stimulus, much of which ends up in the stock market, and there you have Obama induced income inequality.  


The ugly truth about progressive liberalism is they require a permanent underclass in order to survive. A quick check of the poorest cities in America and who's in charge?….democrats. Every move they make is designed to keep poor folks down and every four years they promise to fix it. Sadly, as we see in Detroit, it seems to work time after time. The idea of limited government and more personal responsibility is being replaced by big government will provide everything you need. The freedom our patriots have fought and died for is being replace by tyranny. Conservatives must do what the Republican establishment is unable or unwilling to do. We will refuse to submit and we will fight to get our country back.