Another Obamacare Trajedy

Another blow delivered to Obamacare. The Congressional Budget Office released a report showing the "Affordable Care Act"  is anything but affordable. This reckless law will cost our nation the equivalent of 2 million jobs and increase the projected deficit by $1 trillion.

 The report contends a big reason for the job loss is $2 trillion in subsidies set aside for low income individuals. By intentionally lowering their income, many workers will qualify for these subsidies and other government hand-outs. Shamefully, the Obama administration attempts to spin the report as a positive for the American worker by claiming they won't feel "trapped in a job" and they can decide "if they will work." Democrats understand the more Americans they can get dependent on government the more votes they can count on.

 Hard working Americans are fed-up with big government policies that eat away at the foundation of our Republic. Why should anyone choosing to become a non-working freeloader be subsidized by tax payers who work hard for their money.  It's unacceptable and liberals are delusional if they think it will be tolerated by conservatives. John Boehner and the weak-kneed Republican establishment need to forget about comprehensive immigration reform [amnesty] and focus on defeating this un-American law known as Obamacare