ACT! For America -- Meeting, Sunday February 8th, 2015

Reported by Jeff Kessel

ACT! For America sponsored a meeting at the Parma Memorial Hall on February 8th; it was open to the public.  The topic for the meeting was the worldwide Muslim effort to squash free speech.
In attendance were two special guests:
Chris Holton, National Director of Education and Outreach, ACT! For America
Major Tommy Waller, National Director of State Legislation Outreach, Center for Security Policy
Chris and Tommy attended via Skype.
CVR’s own Bev Goldstein moderated an interesting discussion with Chris & Tommy regarding the development and progress of the American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) effort.  
For those who may not be familiar with ALAC, ALAC seeks to preserve the constitutional rights and state public policy protections of American citizens and legal residents, in cases involving foreign laws in the particular dispute being adjudicated. If a case in which a foreign law or foreign legal doctrine is involved comes before a state court, ALAC prevents the use of that foreign law or foreign legal doctrine if any of the parties’ fundamental constitutional rights or state public policy would be violated in the process. This is very different from a blanket ban on foreign laws.
They also touched on a related effort, the Free Speech Protection Act.  Formerly called “Rachel’s Law”, it designed to protect Americans from the practice of “Libel Tourism,” in which plaintiffs choose to file lawsuits in jurisdictions which do not provide the same protections of free speech as the U.S. Constitution.  It has passed on the state level in New York, California, Illinois, Florida, Utah, Louisiana and Tennessee. In August of 2010, the Free Speech Protection Act passed Congress and was signed into law on the federal level.
They then opened the floor for a question and answer period.
This was followed by a movie, “Europe’s Last Stand, Part II”.  This movie is an alarming documentary of the problems that many European countries currently have concerning the repression of free speech.
The meeting was well attended by many CVR members.