In response to your editorial of Jan. 29 ("The country needs a bold Obama, who is also willing to compromise"), I would like to take your editorial department to task. You stated, “Too many Republicans in Congress, even sensible ones like John Boehner,” throw road blocks to thwart the president's initiatives. My question to your editorial board is when did this begin? Do you believe it began five years ago to President Obama? I would say look back to when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called then President George W Bush stupid. You have not heard any Republican leader make such inflammatory statements. 

Question, was it sensible to call Bush stupid? And if so, do you, the board, think that helped the executive, and legislative branches try to seek common ground? Also, the editorial board wants to have Obama use executive action, or diktat, wherever possible. Again, would you have suggested President Bush to do the same? By bypassing Congress, President Obama further enlarges the chasm that exists between the executive, and legislative branch. This is a recipe for disaster, and may weaken our country.

Jack Kananian,