Where are all the Republicans?
The ongoing attempt to steal the US presidency could be an advertisement for a country music mix made famous by Tracy Lawrence, Kenny Chesney and Tim McCraw. It's titled "You find out who your friends are", and it would be a fitting theme song for the 2020 elections.
In retrospect none of us in the GOP base are really surprised that some of our elected representatives and executive branch Republicans seem perfectly content to cede the election. After all, losing is something that the Republican patrician class excels at, (think Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan). For those members of the GOP, this was just another election. (You can already hear them saying "We’ll get 'em next time".) And frankly, some of them are secretly (or not so secretively) glad to have a way of getting rid of Donald Trump anyway - even if the alternative is Socialism, (think faux Republicans like John Kasich and the Lincoln Project).
But, that doesn't mean that the rest of us have to join them while they surrender.
Now is the time for all Republicans in positions of public trust to speak out.
Please call our elected Republican leaders in Congress. Thank those who are already standing up against the attempt to steal the 2020 elections and call on all of them to object to the electoral college votes cast and certified by Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin when Congress meets on January 6th.
The following are phone numbers for our Ohio delegation and for the Republican leadership in Congress, plus contact information for the Ohio Republican Party. Congress is reconvening to consider changes to the relief bill, so this is an opportune time to call.
And when you do, please remind Congress that we have to stop systemic voter fraud now, because, if President Trump is not in office, there won't be much we can do about it when that same type of voter fraud extends to down ticket candidates in 2022.
Senator Rob Portman
1-800-205-6446 (Ohio)
202-224-3353 (DC)

Congressman Steve Chabot - 1st District
513-684-2723 (Ohio)
202-225-2216 (DC)

Congressman Brad Wenstrup - 2nd District
513-474-7777 (Ohio)
202-225-3164 (DC)

Congressman Jim Jordan - 4th District
419-999-6455 (Ohio)
202-225-2676 (DC)

Congressman Bob Latta - 5th District
419-354-8700 (Ohio)
202-225-6405 (DC)

Congressman Bill Johnson - 6th District
740-376-0868 (Ohio)
202-225-5705 (DC)

Congressman Bob Gibbs - 7th District
419-207-0650 (Ohio)
202-225-6265 (DC)

Congressman Warren Davidson - 8th District
937-339-1524 (Ohio)
202-225-6205 (DC)

Congressman Mike Turner - 10 District
937-225-2843 (Ohio)
202-225-6465 (DC)

Congressman Troy Balderson - 12th District
614-523-2555 (Ohio)
202-225-5355 (DC)

Congressman David Joyce - 14 District
330-357-4139 (Ohio)
202-225-5731 (DC)

Congressman Steve Stivers - 15th District
614-771-4968 (Ohio)
202-225-2015 (DC)

Congressman Anthony Gonzalez - 16th District
440-783-3696 (Ohio)
202-225-3876 (DC)

Kevin McCarthy
House Minority Leader
California - 23rd District
Washington, D.C. 20515

Mitch McConnell
Senate Majority Leader
317 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-2541

The Ohio Republican Party
211 South Fifth Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Jane Timken, Chair
Cameron Sagester, Political Director
(614) 228-2481