The number one item that will happen if the democrats win control of the Senate will be to change the Senate rules from 60 votes to only require 50 Senate votes plus the Vice President (Harris) to take up a bill or 51 votes. If they have a total of 51 votes, the radical Democrat party platform can be approved.
Click on the link below to see the Senate races that need help. Donate if you can! Write letters! Facebook to friends and relatives in these states!
Here are 2 links to suggested reading for the entire Democrat recommendations and platform. If you read either one from beginning to end they are suggesting major changes to our security, liberty and freedom.
Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations
2020 Democratic Party Platform
If you read the links above you already know the list of Biden changes. If you didn't read them, here is the list of what 50 Democrat Senator votes plus one vote from Harris if Biden wins can accomplish:
  • Pass court packing of the Supreme Court and expand the number of liberal judges.
  • Repeal the Trump tax cuts which will increase your taxes.
  • Raise NEW taxes on Businesses, Wealth, Savings, Retirement (401K, IRA).
  • Public Option or government take over of health care. Not Medicare for all.
  • Free college.
  • Taxpayer funded abortion.
  • Abolish ICE.
  • Free health care for illegals.
  • Right to work.
  • "Re-imagine" police departments.
  • By 2035, get rid of natural gas & oil fueled power plants.
  • Retro fit 2 million houses to energy efficient out of 139 million houses. Who chooses and will yours be one chosen?
  • Net zero agriculture.
  • Statehood for Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. This alone will add 4 new Democrat Senators.
You can see that a Biden/Harris win will change our country in unimaginable ways. Our safety, our freedom, our liberty, our prosperity, the unborn, our health and well being..
This is the most important election in our history.
We must vote to keep Donald Trump as President.
We must vote for all Republican Senators to keep the Senate RED.
We must vote for an all Republican Congress and flip it RED.
We must vote on November 3, 2020.