The Republican establishment foolishly thinks the Democrat lie, known as Obamacare, is all they need to run against in order to secure a victory in the November election. The GOP leadership has abandoned their conservative principles and at times acts more like democrats than conservatives. We saw this in their surrender to democrats on the irresponsible Budget Deal, with the passage of the wasteful Farm Bill and finally, with the national debt in excess of $17 trillion, they caved on a hike in the debt ceiling that included no meaningful spending cuts. And who told these political cowards it was OK to demonize the conservative wing of the party, who chose not to abandon their core values?
The Tea Party delivered an amazing victory for the GOP in the 2010 mid-term elections. Rather than embrace this political power house the Republican establishment chose to join the left and declare war on these defenders of freedom. The Tea Party is a threat to big-government politicians from both sides of the isle and these career imposters would gladly sell their souls to eliminate the threat. The conservative wave forming throughout the nation will keep this threat alive. 
The days of grass-root conservatives just showing up to support candidates who are shoved down our throats is over. Our country is in a down hill spiral and it will take men and women of courage and conviction to save her. It's past time for freedom loving American's to make it clear that under no circumstance will we give up on our Republic, we will not submit to the elite Washington establishment and we will fight all fights to keep our freedom........We've had enough!