Beware N.E. Ohio…There is a Trojan horse in our midst.  Its name is Vibrant NEO 2040 and its handler is the NEOSCC; the Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium.  Under the guise of developing an “area wide initiative intended to study how Northeast Ohio uses land and to develop ideas about how we can use it more wisely”, the NEOSCC is promoting a dangerous plan inspired by the infamous United Nation’s Agenda 21 sustainability proposal. 
Sprinkled in among common sense populist ideas such as bike paths, green areas and resource preservation, is a taxpayer funded, un-elected, central planning machine that can make decisions overriding constitutionally guaranteed rights such as personal property.  The long term dangers of this plan include use of tax policy and zoning restrictions to “encourage” a shift in population demographics to urban centers, discourage suburban development, thereby foretelling 21st century high population density ghettos. 
These plans are based on largely unproven science and flawed assumptions, ignore likely advances in science and technology, ignore the warnings of previous central planning failures and thereby run the risk of creating exactly the environmental nightmare scenarios they warn us against.
There are responsible, Constitutionally sound approaches to protecting our resources and community, and Vibrant NEO 2040 is not one of them.