Trump & Republicans 
Trump does not limit freedom and allows peaceful disagreements.  He is a strong advocate for second amendment rights.  He does believe the Universities, that get Government money, to allow vigorous debate to both Liberal and Conservative viewpoints.  
Under Trump, we see a brighter future where our children can be better off than us.  We see new businesses starting.  We see jobs coming back to America.  We see wage growth for the middle and poor occurring for the first time in decades.  We see an exciting new arm of the military called the Space Force which should help us explore other worlds without the fear of another Country using space to attack the US.  We saw Trump help negotiate peace treaties in the Middle East.  We see hope of the peace deal spreading to more Countries.  
Trump has said that he would cut taxes & regulations and he has done so, with the largest percentage cut for the middle class.  Trump said he would build the wall on the Southern Border and in spite of all obstacles, he has built over 300 miles with more in process.  Trump said he didn’t like wars and has destroyed ISIS in Iraq.  He is bringing home troops and getting other Countries to pay their fair share.   
Trump said we were getting destroyed by bad trade deals and he has reworked NAFTA into a fairer, for us, USMCA trade deal. 
Trump said he would stop the outflow of good US jobs.  Not only has he stopped the outflow, but he is bringing back jobs to the US. 
Trump said he would help the Blacks and Latinos if they gave him the chance.  He ended Biden’s incarceration of first-time offending Blacks as the First Step Act.  He created opportunity zones in inner cities.  
Biden & Obama said they could never achieve a 3% growth in GDP without a magic wand.  Trump did that and the economy roared.   
Trump said he would help with high prescription costs and he passed an executive order saying drug companies couldn’t sell drugs in the US for more than they were selling other Countries.  
Biden & Democrats 
The Democrats have spent almost all of Trump’s Presidency attempting to remove him from office.  We learned through released documents, that the Russia hoax was an attempt by them to deflect from Hillary’s email scandal.  Biden told the Ukrainian President that if he didn’t stop investigation of his some that they weren’t getting the billion dollars.   
Notice that in Democrat controlled States, your freedom is vastly curtailed.  Shutdowns are still occurring in some of these States.  Even freedom of Christian religion is being banned.  It’s not a problem with violent riots, but oh no, don’t have a Christian service.   
The language is being used against you as well.  Everything that a conservative says is racist.  Do you remember in the debate, Democrat Chris Wallace called the Proud Boys an extremist white supremist group?  I was surprised to find the leader is a black man.  Trying speaking out in public for conservative values and you will be mobbed by liberals trying to control you.  Maxine Watters even extolled her followers to get in the face of people.   
Have you seen how the Democrats running the big tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, & Google will change search results, limit what you can see from conservative views, and limit you in what conservatives can say?  They became big and powerful and they are using every tool they have to prevent anyone else from gaining money and power.   
Did you notice the page for contributions to Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization sent you to the DNC party?  I believe they may be reworking that site as they have been exposed.  Do you remember, the BLM organization said they were communist and didn’t want the core family values?  Do you remember, Democrats denying there was any violence in the “peaceful demonstrations”?  Have you heard anything from Biden denying the violence of ANTIFA, another communist organization?   Only lukewarm comments when the polling starting to go against them. Do you know the black hooded leaders of Antifa are advocating insurrection?  Do you remember Democrat strategist James Carville saying he became a Democrat because he could make them do anything he wanted by putting a little fear into them? 
This is election offers are far more distinctive choice than in the past.  Trump offers freedom, hope, & substance.  Biden offers control, fear, & fantasy.  The contenders in both parties have held either the President or Vice President office.  Further, the VP has multiple decades in the Senate.  So, the records are clear.  For me, I choose freedom & hope over the promises that are never kept by the Democrats.