Softened by Liberalism

by Julie Love

America is the wealthiest nation the world has ever known and also the most giving.  We are overwhelmingly Christian; somewhere between 80 and 85% of Americans self-identify as Christians.

We are mostly loving, giving, tolerant and forgiving.

We love smelt and the spotted owl as much as the next guy, right?  So, we say, what harm could come of letting one dam not be built or one condominium complex.

You aren't a Christian?  No problem.  Move in next door, it doesn't bother us a bit and you may even get a bundt cake.

Someone has a different lifestyle, that is a-ok with us, we love you just the same.
We don't really understand it and aren't for it, but if you need to have an abortion, that is your right in America.

We are so blessed, we have even allowed the government to raise our taxes, if it will help our fellow Americans who are less fortunate.

But, this softening, out of true compassion, love and kindness toward our fellow men has left us beholden to the fascist, liberal progressive agenda.

One dam isn't enough.  California hasn't built a new dam since the 1980s and they are now experiencing a severe drought.  Millions of gallons of fresh water have been allowed to just pour into the ocean because environmentalists wanted to protect some smelt.  Now, humans don't have enough water and that smelt isn't doing any better.

Even that isn't enough for the fascist environmental agenda.  We have stopped all nuclear power plants, stopped the construction of any new coal-fired power plants and the EPA is trying to shut down all of the existing coal-fired power plants.

One condo complex wasn't enough, either.  It almost seems as if the fascist left wants to stop all human progress all together.

Our openness to other religions has allowed Muslims to get a foothold in this country. Some communities actually are faced with accepting Sharia law, a plan which allows for the brutalization of women at the whim of the men, even in the woman's own family.

Our tolerance of other lifestyles has opened us up to even more fascism.  If you believe in traditional marriage, you can lose your job and your livelihood, like Brendan Eich, Phil Robertson (but he doesn't care) and Memories Pizza.

If you are pro-life, the left will actually send you death threats.  And, my favorite, if you disagree with any big-government, tax and spend policy, you are a racist.


I think that I know how we got here.  Tolerant, loving Christians have moved aside, out of kindness and compassion, to let other religions, lifestyles, and choices find a place in our country.

I am just not sure where we are going to go from here.