Speaker Ryan,

You need a lesson in what our government is all about.

As a 1949 graduate of my beloved U of Wisconsin - having been taught that the "constant sifting and winnowing for the truth" is the way to journey through life - I am appalled that the elected leadership of the Republican Party is so shallow and willing to play the Progressive, Media, Pay-to-Play game.

The Republican Party has a set of principles and issues.  It has never been a "cult" Party.  You need to preach to the people that anyone running as a Republican stands for Constitutional Government without the globalist influence which tries to diminish our sovereignty, world leadership role and responsibility as a separate nation.

The word separate leads me to the basic idea of the separation of powers which is presently almost non-existent. This election is NOT about two personalities (Trump and Clinton). It is about electing a TEAM OF PEOPLE who will restore the three branches of the Federalist system with the FIFTY states as laboratories of democracy to find new solutions for the serious and complex problems of current life. 

If you and the Republican Party leadership cannot convince the candidates, previous and current Party leaders (including former Presidents, current elected officials and past Presidential candidates) about the importance of issues and policy differences and the damage to our lives, if we continue with the Democrat Party dominance in Washington, then none of you should be in a leadership position.  

Please listen to this 88 year-old activist (since 1960).  Most of the Republicans that I know in Cuyahoga County Ohio (as we go so goes Ohio) will never again support any Republican who is not "all in" for the Trump- Pence ticket for President.  We are your "grass-shoots army" and you cannot win without us. You insult and degrade all those years of volunteer efforts on behalf of "so-called" Republican candidates.  We know that you think that you're smarter than the rest of us.  But, going forward, you cannot lead without us.  


I sincerely pray that you take this email seriously.

We mean it.

Marilyn H. Matia