January 29, 2018
The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500
Dear Mr. President:

On behalf of the membership of the Cuyahoga Valley Republicans (CVR), we are writing to urge you to make public the United States House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence memo summarizing the Committee's findings to date with regard to the possible abuse of surveillance powers by Justice Department agencies.

The CVR applauds Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and his committee members for the courage that they have displayed completing their constitutional oversight responsibilities, and we salute those congressmen who have called for this memo to be shared with the American people, including our own Representatives Jim Jordan (4th District), Dave Joyce, (14th District) and Jim Renacci (16th District).

Democrat operatives' demands that the Committee heed DOJ recommendations not to release the memo are laughable, given that the DOJ is itself a target of the Committee's investigation.  Attempts by liberal media to delegitimize the Committee's work, before having even seen the memo in question, demonstrate that these so-called journalists are nothing more than a propaganda machine for their political masters.  Self-righteous claims by Democrat congressmen that release of the memo will undermine the public's confidence in government institutions are an insult to voters' intelligence. 
Mr. President, Given the possibility that bureaucrats at the highest level of government actively colluded to undermine a presidential election, CVR members believe that it is imperative that the House Intel memo be released to the general public with all due haste. 

The Board of Trustees,
The Cuyahoga Valley Republicans
Dom Sciria, President Kim Veras, Recording Secretary
Dr. Don Moorhead, Vice President Jack Boyle, Trustee
Sally Becker, Corporate Secretary Sue Komandt, Trustee
Steve Sweetnich, Treasurer Dr. Terri Shawhan, Trustee
cc:  The Honorable US Representative Devin Nunes, (R -CA, 22nd District)
       The Honorable US Representative Jim Jordan, (R-OH, 4th District)
       The Honorable US Representative Dave Joyce, (R-OH, 14th District)
       The Honorable US Representative Jim Renaccci, (R-OH, 16th District)