We are finding anarchists in big cities across America.  Strange that those cities where riots, terror, and destruction are all happening are in cities run by Democrats.  Strange that Democrats are all denying this destruction other than saying they are peaceful protests.  Strange how people pay taxes for police protection, but Democrats want to defund them.  Of course, now that the polls are showing Americans don’t like this, they are changing their messages.  Going back to my opening statement, this shows to me that either the Democrats are actually having these terrorists their dirty work for them or are in bed with these terrorists.    

Did you see the clip where the U-Haul truck in Louisville, Kentucky had signs etc. that were already to go even before the Attorney General of Kentucky announced the Grand Jury decision?  Definite preplanning on the part of the rioting terrorist.   

I remember on a Fox Five show, Bob Beckel saying that the protests and riots over the Vietnam war during the Nixon years were done at the behest of the Democratic Party.  I seem to remember that Bob said it was his idea.  I found this intriguing as this was another case of Democrats using puppets to do their dirty work for them. 

So, to me that says the Democrat leaders are so megalomaniacal that will destroy America to gain the power they so desperately crave. 

The questions to the voters across America are this.  Why are you electing local government officials that will not protect you in time of need and, in fact, are immediately putting them back on the streets if they even have to be arrested?  Why are you electing these officials that put your values and protection at the bottom of the list?  Why are you continuing to elect and put into power, a party that does not let you live in freedom and peace?