Letter to the Editor 

One day away 

We are 1 day away from when Congress accepts or disputes the election.  Does anyone really think that Biden, who had rallies of less than 30 people was more popular than Obama?  Trump had thousands and even tens of thousands, so the virus wasn’t a significant factor. 

“Lynda McLaughlin from the Data Integrity Group, along with data scientists Justin Mealey and Dave Lobue indicated that more than 30,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump and another 12,173 votes were switched to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in Georgia” 

“Georgia Secretary of State’s office and county officials in the state have failed to produce chain of custody documents known as ballot transfer forms that tracked the movement of 76 percent of the estimated 600,000 absentee ballots deposited in 300 drop boxes around the state.” 

In Allegheny County PA, 120,966 more ballots were cast than individuals who voted.  PA law requires no votes shall be recorded before this discrepancy has been investigated, yet they were recorded.  

How many leaders, like Swalwell, have been corrupted by China? 

Bill Hamm

North Royalton