In printed articles, posts on local websites, and letters to Brecksville City Council,  individuals with a local group calling itself A Better Brecksville have accused the CVR of sponsoring a bus trip to President Trump's Jan 6 rally in Washington DC.  Without evidence or the courtesy of speaking directly to people who would know, they have broadcast these accusations publicly in a libelous fashion.  Despite direct testimony before Brecksville City Council, stating that CVR did not sponsor this trip, A Better Brecksville has persisted in promoting this false narrative.

The facts are, that the CVR website only posted a link to an unrelated group that was supporting the Trump Campaign and providing bus transportation to the DC rally. We did this in response to the president's announcement of an event where he planned to speak in Washington. The CVR did NOT "send a bus load of members" to Washington, but only provided a link as a courtesy to our membership, none of whom to our knowledge,  actually went on the trip.

The events of January 6th were horrifying and tragic. However, attacks on freedom of speech, bullying and promotion of a "cancel culture" by groups like A Better Brecksville, who seek to silence anyone with an opposing opinion, must end.  This is not what good neighbors do to each other.

The point is that the CVR and Brecksville City Council members have been unfairly characterized and libeled.  This is harassment, driven by misinformation and ignorance, and is endemic of the poison of national politics seeping into our local communities.

The CVR calls for a retraction and apology from Better Brecksville and an end to the continual promotion of unfounded rumors and falsehoods.