October 15, 2016

The Honorable Paul Ryan cc: The Honorable Dave Joyce
Office of the Speaker   The Honorable Jim Renacci
H-232 The Capitol   The Honorable Rob Portman
Washington, DC 20515    

RE: Vote of No Confidence

Dear Speaker Ryan,

This letter is to inform you that the Cuyahoga Valley Republicans (CVR) have approved a resolution indicating no confidence in your continued service as Speaker of the US House of Representatives and urging you to step down as Speaker immediately.

Please note that the resolution is in direct response to the withdrawal of your active support of Donald Trump's campaign for the presidency.  Your feigned shock and dismay at a 2005 audio is insulting to most of the Republican base.  Mr. Trump's personal life was not a secret to you or the GOP.  It is merely the excuse that you've been looking for to effectively undermine the Trump Campaign and prevent Donald Trump's election.

In 2010 grass roots groups like the CVR helped give Republicans control of Congress.  Since then we have been told by GOP leadership that, for Republicans in Congress to effectively reverse the devastation caused by Barack Obama, we need to elect a Republican President.  Yet now you want us to believe that rather than fighting on a unified front, it is better to let Hillary Clinton win the presidency and just "hold on to the House and Senate".  What nonsense.  If you couldn't do anything to defeat the Obama agenda with a majority in both houses, what good will it do us to reelect individuals like you, if Hillary Clinton is president?  

It is obvious that you and many Establishment Republicans are perfectly comfortable maintaining the status quo, so long as you keep your positions.  Clearly you have no respect for the will of Republican constituents who made Mr. Trump the party's nominee.  And clearly your past calls for party unity were a sham.

The CVR understands that this election is about constitutional principles that are bigger than any of us as individuals. The fact that you don't makes you unfit to serve as speaker.

Dom Sciria, President
cc:  Mrs. Sally Becker, Corporate Secretary, The Cuyahoga Valley Republicans