One of the big things ,to a lot of people, has to do with the Presidential Candidates' positions on masks and lockdowns.   

Recently, we learned from the CDC in a study of people who got infected by Covid-19, something like 70% or so constantly and consistently wore masks.  Then another 14% wore masks a lot.   So, it seems we are being forced to wear masks just so some politicians can make themselves out to be protectors.  On the other hand, there are a few politicians who believe you only need to wear masks to protect the most vulnerable and let others live normal lives.  Biden has said he would tell State and local leaders to institute a national mask wearing policy.  Trump is in the second camp.  Protect those who most need it and let the others lead normal lives.  This way develops herd immunity and eventually, this virus, like others, will die off in a few months rather than lingering for years. 

What about lockdowns?  Well, those Countries and States that have done that found that people are committing suicide, not seeking medical attention, and experiencing far more depression, as well as students not learning very well at all.  We saw that for ourselves for the months that all States were locked down.  Biden is all for more lockdowns, if any medical person tells him to do so.  Trump looks at all sides of the issue and does an in-depth analysis as to what has the lesser consequences.  He understands while there is no good outcome, having more lockdowns does far more damage to the American people and so is against having any more lockdowns.    

In summary, Biden appears ready and willing to institute a national mask wearing policy for everyone and keep lockdowns whenever any single medical person wants them.  Trump appears to want masks for only those most vulnerable, avoid future lockdowns, and let Americans resume their lives.  I, for one, am squarely in Trump’s camp of protecting the vulnerable while letting the rest of America resume normal lives.