Representative Eric Swalwell is a Democrat Representative from California.  He had continually espoused the theory that Trump was in the hands of Russia.  However, multiple investigations and tens of millions of dollars found nothing.  Now it turns out that Eric was in the hands of Communist China.   
An attractive Chinese girl, Christine Fang, helped his career by finding him lots of money, helping him make the right connections, and advance to becoming a high-profile Representative in the Intelligence Committee in D.C.  Then the chips started falling.  Christine was outed and it was disclosed that she had even put a spy in his office, and there was alleged intimate relationship.  No wonder Eric was so adamant about Trump, he was trying to hide his connection to a Chinese spy.   
Sky News in Australia released a list of thousands of spies that had all over the world, many in high political places & in American corporate offices.  It is alleged that Silicon Valley has many in the high-tech social media world. The chips are falling in place, now. 
Bill Hamm 
North Royalton, Ohio