Dear Friends,
While Don and I are doing our duty, as we say, by remaining quite isolated on our high perch here in Houston, we have been sitting anxiously, and mostly on the sidelines, of this critical election.   After hearing about a study finding that the majority of young people now prefer socialism over capitalism, I was dismayed and alarmed.  It has caused me think about how they could be influenced to understand and appreciate our democracy and what has made our country great as well as the last best hope for the world..  Or if they are already on the right track, how we can help them to educate others about how their world will change if the left wins. In the long run the young generations will be the biggest losers
Here is one thing we can do:  Turn young people we know – children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, friends, helpers – on to PRAGERU.COM (Prager University).  As Dennis Prager says, “it teaches that which universities do not teach”.  And it is free.   Of the over one billion hits to that site per year, about 65% have been by young people.   “5-Minute Videos offers over 350 five-minute talks about  an amazing range of topics by as many different people with their specific expertise   You may note that not every presenter is a political conservative, but overall they all very much convey conservative values and do so in a calm, concise and compelling manner.

Here is a sampling of 5- Minute Talks titles: 

Why I left the Left
Capitalism vs Socialism
Climate Change – What Do Scientists Say?
It’s Time to Grow Up
Dangerous People are Teaching Your Kids
Why Don’t Women Fight for Muslim Women?
How To End White Privilege
How to Get Children to Listen to You
What is Intersectionality
Dating: Don’t Waste Your Time
When you get to the web site you will see several choices.  Select  “5-Minute videos”
I hope you will join me in introducing to as many individuals as you can.

Blessings to y’all!    Ruth Moorhead