by Dawn Rapkin
Trustee, The Cuyahoga Valley Republicans

(The following is in response to CVR member Jeff Longo's poignant commentary titled HELP ME UNDERSTAND, which appears at the end of this editorial).


There is no explanation. There is no way to understand something so absurd. 

Both political parties are helping - actually, aiding the enemy by supporting the Iran Nuclear deal. Who wins in this deal? Well, Iran gets between 50 and 150 Billion dollars to fund their terrorist operation. They get to make (if they don't already have) a nuclear device - which we all know has both Israel and America's name engraved on the payload as the destination. They have set up future generations to be bullied into a life of fear because Iran will use it's strength to annihilate us. Yet we don't hear the outcry from Washington to stop this deal. Who loses? The American people and Israel. 

I listened to Trump last night at his rally in Alabama. While his delivery was a little rough he is saying what every American is thinking. People are craving authenticity and more importantly the TRUTH. Ironically we have been told for the last 2 election cycles that we need a "moderate" candidate. Trump is a moderate but he's just not "their kind of moderate" and suddenly "he is not conservative enough". It's just funny coming from the people who could not stand the Tea Party because they were "too extreme". What Trump isn't; is a seasoned Politician who is a Washington insider. The Emperor and his ruling class (Congress & Senate) have no clothes and "the people" are seeing them for what they are through truth tellers like Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson. That is why they are leading in the polls. Trump has turned the dialogue to what the American people are concerned about and the elites don't like it because they are no longer in the drivers seat of the crash car. 

It is my belief that the political elites in Washington think we are stupid and have discounted the American people for many years. What you are seeing now in the support for Donald Trump is the backlash of (many) years of being ignored and replaced by special interest groups, lobbyist and their biggest fans ... illegals. I talk to a lot of people - a lot - and they are all disgusted with both the liberal elite Democrats and the establishment Republicans. These are not politically engaged people - they are just smart enough to know when something is not right. Everyone is feeling the pain in one way or another and they want it to stop. Most of the establishment Republicans have no idea what is coming because they have missed (truthfully they didn't care) what has been happening to "regular - everyday" Americans known as the Middle Class. Well, we see it and we don't like it.

Both parties started this election cycle looking to divide and identify all disaffected individuals or groups. They were racing to see who was more illegal friendly so that they could "give them something" - amnesty, jobs in America, access to social programs, medical care and social security. All this at the expense of the American people. I got tired of our representatives (except Jim Jordan) coming to our meetings with only one message "Washington is broken". Ya think? They did not come back and tell us what needed to be fixed or what kind of jeopardy we are in or future generations. This model currently being promoted is for lower wages, less opportunity and a ruling class that determines what you do and do not get. That is not what American's want. It is however what folks who come in from poor countries want because they are tired of being poor. My advice to all the illegal immigrants is ... better enjoy all the attention now because once Washington has figured out how to get you hooked on government money or can squeeze tax money out of you - they are done with you. 

We started this grassroots organization to hold our politicians accountable. As the old saying goes "A leopard doesn't change it's spots". So maybe now is the time we hold our elected representatives accountable - except this time - we look at their voting record too. If they lied to get elected it will be painfully obvious.

The above is my personal opinion because you asked : ) 


To my CVR associates, 

Is anyone able to explain to me what purpose was served by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell publicly stating that Obama has a "great likelihood of success" on the Iran deal. I've really just about had all I can take from these establishment types so I'm hoping someone can enlighten me as to why he felt the need to do this. What possible purpose would a Republican leader have to throw in the towel on such a life and death issue before the final count. The liberal media is having a field day. Pelosi and Reid would fight to the death for their anti-American policies and would go down swinging. The Republican Party, at the national level, has horrible leadership and are quickly becoming irrelevant!

Jeff Longo