Barack Obama's reckless vision of the world includes the weakening of America while he arms those who chant "death to America." Obama and his party continue to ignore the will of the people by agreeing to a deal that threatens the security of the United States and the existence of Western civilization.
This treasonous agreement allows Iran to preserve all elements of its nuclear infrastructure which includes a thousand centrifuges and the continuance of their uranium enrichment program. It removes stringent economic sanctions and will allow up to $150 billion into the Iranian economy, much of which will be used to fund Islamic terrorist organizations. It eventually lifts restrictions on their ballistic missile program and commits to ending the conventional weapons embargo. There will be no spot inspections permitted to verify compliance, and  some facilities will be off limits to inspections. Incredibly, this deal  allows Iran to inspect some facilities themselves. Iran has been cheating on their nuclear obligations for decades and they will continue to cheat on a deal made with those they feel are infidels. They have vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the earth within 25 years, and we can rest assured the United States is on that hit list as well. 
This entire agreement process has been another example of the GOP showing outrage at the president's  policies and then voting exactly how he wants them to. The Republican leadership continues to surrender the conservative values we elected them to protect. Do conservatives expect the GOP to win every battle? No, but we do expect them to fight every battle to the end and use whatever options are available. John Boehner finally realized he was not up to the challenge and quit before he was thrown out. There are other political cowards in the Republican establishment that need to follow Boehner's lead.
Jeff Longo