Let us set aside, for the moment, the 274 pages of sworn testimony of eyewitnesses on election fraud.  Let us start with the 6000 votes in Michigan that were mysteriously changed to Biden and then back to Trump.  There has been a lot of discussion on the Dominion voting system that was used in 28 States.   
This system is from Canada.  It is not a US company.  Further, it appears as if it was tied to another company called Smartmatic.  Smartmatic wrote the software for the Dominion election machines in Venezuela.  Yes, that is correct, under Hugo Chavez that many alleged gave him the election.  Who was Chairman of the board of Smartmatic? Peter Neffenger who is also on Biden’s transition team. There is sworn testimony that Peter knew of the fact that the software was used to rig elections in the past.  Where are the votes in these 28 States counted?  You’d think the US, right?  Wrong, the answer is in Spain.  Barcelona, I believe.  Got that so far?  Would you believe this same Smartmatic software may have been used on other election machines, like Georgia? The Smartmatic manual explains how votes can be wiped away like drag and drop to a separate folder and then delete that folder.  Further, they can watch the votes coming in on real time and run an algorithm to change, add, or delete votes.  
A few years ago, some cybersecurity techs, such as Russ Ramsland owner of Allied Security Operations Group, examined the system and essentially said that the servers had all the information of those in the US that input the information.  Thus, they could change votes at will and leave no audit trail.  This is why the State of Texas refused to consider Dominion machines.  Now in many places Trump was ahead at 2 am on Nov. 3, but by 6 am he was significantly behind.   
There are statistical checks that can and have been made to detect voter fraud.  One of them is called Benford Law.  This has been used in previous elections in court cases and has been accepted.  Another is called the Bernoulli Trial.  Both methods are being used to analyze the voter data and both are pointing to fraud.  Other checks are to look at down ballots and compare to previous history.  For example, if in all previous elections, only 5% of the ballots only selected a person running for President, then you would expect something similar this time.  Normally, you would see choices made for a Senator, a Representative, local elections and issues such as library, school building, etc.  In this election, the number of ballots with choices made for only the President or the President and one other person were off the charts and the change when this was occurring was early in the morning.   
Let me end with one other fact, one of the eyewitness testimonies was that the Smartmatic software was designed, from the beginning, to rig an election.  Even if a fingerprint was tied to the vote, the software was designed to change the votes without anyone being able to audit.  Bongino has some ideas on how to fix this election fraud from ever happening again and I incorporate them below.  
There must be a paper audit trail with the paper ballot filled out by the voter.  
There must be voter ID.  The fact remains that is racist to believe only white people can register to vote.  Nothing makes white people smarter than other races.   
There needs to be a nationwide signature verification of the voting process.  
Finally, there can be no more unsolicited mail-in ballots.  Did you know that when Lincoln was running for a second term, mail-in ballots were used to try and steal his election?  
Why is this necessary?  Because your vote should count and when a fraudulent vote cancels out your vote, it is the same as having your vote not count.
William Hamm

North Royalton, Ohio