See how conservatives in NW Ohio are already laying the groundwork and planting seeds for 2016 and beyond in the following report.

The Toledo Tea Party's March Meeting
Stephanie Kreuz, representing Heritage Action, was the featured speaker at the March 9 monthly meeting of the Toledo Tea Party.  An offshoot of the Heritage Foundation, Heritage Action offers tools to help local conservative activists "hold Congress accountable," she explained. 
Conservatives are invited to go to the website and sign up for the Sentinel program, which offers ongoing updates on pending legislation and suggestions for action.  Ms. Kreuz emphasized that members of Congress and their staffs are very sensitive to the phone calls, letters, and emails they receive from constituents, and that even a handful of contacts can sway a vote.
For example, one current issue is reauthorization of the Export Import Bank.  If not explicitly reauthorized by the end of June, the bank will sunset.  Heritage and the Sentinel activists are encouraging members of Congress to simply do nothing in order to kill the bank.
Heritage Action also has a Scorecard on its website which rates the voting records of members of Congress.
Association president John McAvoy reported on a successful, all day, Hands On Media workshop that was held February 28.  Participants, who included 29 group leaders from all over Ohio, spent the day building their own websites.  More detail is available here in an article on the Toledo Tea Party website.
Washington Historian at Ashbrook Center Event
Wednesday, March 18th the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University hosted a luncheon with Dr. Douglas Bradburn, historian and director of the new Washington Library at Mount Vernon.  Following lunch, Dr. Bradburn spoke to more than 300 people, most of them high school and college students.
During his presentation, Dr. Bradburn mentioned that Cato by Joseph Addison was Washington's favorite play. He acted in it as a young man and he had it performed for the troops at Valley Forge. The play is about the Roman senate vs Caesar, Republicanism vs dictatorship, character and honor.

The Ashbrook Center was founded in 1983. Their slogan is "Strengthening constitutional self-government." The Center run programs for teachers, students, and citizens.
Upcoming Events
Coming up soon is the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition Tax Day Rally, to be held Saturday, April 18, from 12 to 2 pm, in Hood Park in Perrysburg, rain or shine. Various local leaders, including Congressman Bob Latta, are expected to appear.
William Green, President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, a CVR partner organization, will be speaking at the June meeting of the Toledo Tea Party.
A free colloquium with Donald Devine, who was director of the US Office of Personnel Management in the first Reagan term. Mr. Devine will be speaking on "Reagan's Constitutional Solution" on April 17 at 3 pm at the Ashbrook Center in Ashland.

Rick Perry will be speaking at the John M. Ashbrook Memorial Dinner on April 30. Tickets start at $250 per person. The reception is at 6;00pm, with dinner at 7:00pm.   Register at or call Lisa Ormiston at (419) 289-5411. Location is the Myers Convocation Center at Ashland U.