The Biden/ Harris ticket wants to ban fossil fuels. What impact will banning fossil fuels have on us as consumers.  I did a search of items made from plastics and found this partial list of some made from oil.  I didn’t see fishing line on there either.  I know a lot of clothes are made from plastics as well because they contain nylon, rayon, etc. Some plastics are also made from natural gas, another fossil fuel.  Do you really think it is wise to ban all fossil fuel production?  Does that make any sense except in a bizzarro world? 
Solvents  Diesel fuel  Motor Oil  Bearing Grease 
Ink  Floor Wax  Ballpoint Pens  Football Cleats 
Upholstery  Sweaters   (that explains the itchy sweater I have at home)  Boats  Insecticides 
Bicycle Tires  Sports Car Bodies  Nail Polish  Fishing lures 
Dresses  Tires  Golf Bags  Perfumes 
Cassettes  Dishwasher parts  Tool Boxes  Shoe Polish 
Motorcycle Helmet  Caulking  Petroleum Jelly  Transparent Tape 
CD Player (do people still have these?)  Faucet Washers  Antiseptics  Clothesline 
Curtains  Food Preservatives  Basketballs  Soap  (that explains why soap doesn’t clean oil off your hands) 
Vitamin Capsules  Antihistamines  Purses  Shoes 
Dashboards  Cortisone  Deodorant  Footballs 
Putty  Dyes  Panty Hose  Refrigerant 
Percolators  Life Jackets  Rubbing Alcohol  Linings 
Skis  TV Cabinets  Shag Rugs  Electrician’s Tape 
Tool Racks  Car Battery Cases  Epoxy  Paint 
Mops  Slacks  Insect Repellent  Oil Filters 
Umbrellas  Yarn  Fertilizers  Hair Coloring 
Roofing  Toilet Seats  Fishing Rods  Lipstick 
Denture Adhesive  Linoleum  Ice Cube Trays  Synthetic Rubber 
Speakers  Plastic Wood  Electric Blankets  Glycerin 
Tennis Rackets  Rubber Cement  Fishing Boots  Dice 
Nylon Rope  Candles  Trash Bags  House Paint 
Water Pipes  Hand Lotion  Roller Skates  Surf Boards 
Shampoo  Wheels  Paint Rollers  Shower Curtains 
Guitar Strings  Luggage  Aspirin  Safety Glasses 
Antifreeze  Football Helmets  Awnings  Eyeglasses (I thought they were made from glass) 
Clothes  Toothbrushes  Ice Chests  Footballs 
Combs  CD’s & DVD’s  Paint Brushes  Detergents 
Vaporizers  Balloons  Sun Glasses  Tents 
Heart Valves  Crayons  Parachutes  Telephones 
Enamel  Pillows  Dishes  Cameras 
Anesthetics  Artificial Turf  Artificial limbs  Bandages 
Dentures  Model Cars  Folding Doors  Hair Curlers 
Cold cream  Movie film  Soft Contact lenses  Drinking Cups 
Fan Belts  Car Enamel  Shaving Cream  Ammonia 
Refrigerators  Golf Balls  Toothpaste (Yuck)  Gasoline