Last week, we learned that mathematician Bobby Piton found 521,879 PA voters that had no known relatives in PA.  No parents, no kids, no siblings, no nothing.  Further, of those above voters, 245,033 belonged to one and only one person.   
Now from PA, we are told, from PA State Rep. Russ Diamond “… that the PA Department of State shows that 6,962,607 total ballots were reported as being cast, while the PA  DoS/SURE system records indicate that only 6,760,230 total voters actually voted.  The difference of 202,377 more votes cast than voters voting, together with the 31,547 over- and under-votes in the presidential race, adds up to an alarming discrepancy of 170,830 votes, which is more than twice the reported statewide difference between the two major candidates for President of the United States.” 
IT expert, Russell Ramsland, did a forensic audit of voting machines in Savanna Georgia and found the machines were communicating with China.  
Bill Hamm
North Royalton