November 1, 2020

CVR Members & Freedom Loving People Everywhere,

In 1781 after five long years, the first American patriots defeated the British once
and for all and secured the freedom of a nation that has since become the
greatest force for good that the world has ever known.

Today, two hundred and thirty-nine years later, we stand on the shoulders of
those men and women who risked everything for liberty. As their heirs and
successors we now have the enormous responsibility of continuing the
revolution that they began.

It is not an overstatement to say that in 2020, the stakes are just as high as they
were in 1781. We know that this election is a battle for our nation's heart and soul.
And what a coincidence it is that 2020 is five years since President Trump
announced his candidacy. What a tumultuous five years it has been.

This morning one of our members sent a photo of an American eagle perched on
a tree in her neighborhood far from its usual range. It is not the first such
sighting of these symbols of liberty reported to us in recent days. Let us carry
that image with us as we go forward.

With Election Day upon us, it is crucial that we deliver every vote possible. If you
have not yet voted, please make certain that you do. Please also reach out to
everyone you know who supports the president and our ticket to make certain
that they vote too. And if you are so moved, go to any polling place near you and
hold a sign or banner for President Trump and other Republican candidates.

On behalf of the entire CVR membership, a special thanks to all of you who have
contributed time and treasure to this campaign, one that has been very different
than any we have seen previously. You are the real defenders of freedom and,
along with President Trump, America's heroes.

With gratitude,

The Cuyahoga Valley Republicans Board of Trustees
Dom Sciria, President                               Jack Boyle, Trustee
Dr. Donald Moorhead, Vice President      Sue Komandt, Trustee
Sally Becker, Corporate Secretary           Dr. Terri Shawhan,Trustee
Steve Sweetnich, Treasurer                     Mayor Jerry Hruby, Advisor
Kim Veras, Recording Secretary