We are pleased to announce that the Cuyahoga Valley Republicans (CVR) have voted to endorse the following candidates in the upcoming May 8th, 2018 Republican Primary Elections.  (Please note that CVR endorsements are not exclusive.  More than one candidate can be endorsed for each race.  A duel endorsement signifies that the CVR will support either candidate in the general election.) 

For Governor & Lt. Governor
Mary Taylor & Nathan Estruth

For Treasurer of State
Sandra O'Brien

For United States Senate
Mike Gibbons
Jim Renacci

For US Congress 11th District
Beverly Goldstein

For US Congress 16th District
Christina Hagan

For Ohio General Assembly
House District 6
Jim Trakas

For Member of Ohio Republican Party
Central Committee 24th District Man

Jack Boyle

For Member of Ohio Republican Party
Central Committee 24th District Woman

Lucy Stickan
Thanks to all of the candidates for stepping forward to serve their fellow citizens, and for participating in the CVR endorsement process.  We are honored by your presence in the primary elections.

Thanks to all of the CVR members who came out on a cold, damp night to hear directly from candidates, engage their fellow voters and make an impact in this year's primaries.  

Special thanks to the following individuals for their time and efforts spent preparing for and managing the primary endorsement process and the membership meeting.

The CVR Candidate Screening Committee
Joe Maurer, Chair
Lois-Irene Blumberg
Ed Dean
Marty Drabek
Bill Hamm
Jack Neville
Kathy Sopka
Kim Veras

CVR Membership Registration
Sue Messisco, Co-Chair
Frank DeWolf, Co-Chair
Steve Kurkul
Sue Komandt
Georgia Maresh
Adam Rutkowksi
Rachel Torchia

Endorsement Vote Oversight
Frank DeWolf, Chair
Ed Dean
Daryl Kingston
Cindy Maurer
Sue Komandt
Terri Shawhan

CVR Videos & Photographs
Jack Kananian

And special thanks to the Hospitality Committee & the CVR Leadership Team for their generous donations and all of their hard work setting up our meetings and events and cleaning up afterwards. 

CVR Hospitality Committee
Kathy Sciria, Chair
Bill Bayer
Lou & Nancy Glorioso
Bill & Linda Hamm
Mary Kananian
Jeff & Carol Kessel
Dave & Darlene Pristash
Janet Snow
Chris & Steve Sweetnich
Marcy Sweetnich
Kim Veras
Connie Walrath