If you do not know where you are going

Any road will get you there…

  Lewis Carrol

The battle has just begun…
•The CVR has had success since our start in 2008
•Due in every way to the contributions, enthusiasm and passion of the membership
•We also have a common distrust for the ideology and policies of President Obama and the Left
•Our Time, Funds and Resources are limited by our responsibilities
•We must focus our efforts
•2016 is our Target
The Transformation of our Country is in progress.
Obama has challenged our values and Core beliefs.
Over the past 7 years What’s right has become wrong and what’s wrong has become right.
His is not the country we all grew up in his is not the country we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in.
The president grew up in a place foreign to us and our values
This transformation continues and will not just go away, even when Obama does.
One thing you can say about them, they have been relentless.
Every day is a new scheme, a new assault, a different plot.
We must find a way to match their efforts.
The country and the world are upside down and they will not relent.
Don’t let anyone tell you it is a matter of skin color or race.
That is another tactic to shame and cower us.
There are people of all colors and races who will stand with us.
It is a matter of believing that all people are equal.
All people deserve an equal opportunity.
Each individual must strive to earn their just desserts.
That personal responsibility, morality and faith are the basis of our Constitution and way of life.
And that the policies of redistribution, banishment of God from our schools and lives, and acceptance of immorality as normal, that America is “just another country”.
This will be the end of our country as we know it….this is what we oppose.
So with these thoughts in mind each year the CVR leadership will propose several major goals and directions for the Membership to consider and discuss.

1. Grow Membership of the CVR
•Special focus on people with school age children
•We will not be young forever
•We need more members with a stake in the future of their children
2. Inclusion for Blacks, Hispanics and Asians
•Expand efforts to neighborhoods that vote against us
•There are good, hard working people there who share our values
•We need to show them that Conservative values are their values

3. Fight Common Core
•The battle is for the minds of the Youth
•We are not even in this fight
•We can agree that Standards are usefull
•Federal control of content and source is dangerous
•Need to separate Funding from Course content
Ensure a fair and complete view of History

4. Youth
•Continue efforts to inform and influence Youth
•College Republicans
•Books programs
High Schools

5. Fight the Infiltration of Radical Islam
•Our Government, Schools and Society is in danger
•The Left shares the anti Christian/Jewish view
•They will use our laws and customs against us
Partner with Act for America

6. Control the GOP
•Precinct Project
•Identify and Recruit Like Minded Conservatives
Influence and Direct the GOP

7. Liaison with other Grassroots
•Our efforts are fragmented
•Strength in numbers
•Share and Collaborate
Assign a CVR Member to each group

8. Increase Social Media Presence
Letters to the Editor

9. Improved Web Site
•Better use of CVR web site
•Extend to other media outlets
•Local content
Timely content

10.Support for Veterans and Military
•Wounded Warrior Ice Cream Social Event