The Word Mega Plex Auditorium
18903 S. Miles Rd, Cleveland, OH 44128

Guest speakers, Ray Lautenschlager from Ohio Right to Life, Dr. Tim Johnson, President Frederick Douglass Foundation, Cuyahoga County Councilman Jack Schron and Ms. Star Parker, nationally acclaimed civil rights proponent and conservative thought leader spoke to a group of businessmen, clergy, youth and elected leaders about the real path to success in family, business and society.

A common theme of personal responsibiliity, hard work, faith in God and strong famiily bonds were cited as the key to success n life, and the mainreason for the dismal conditions in many American cities.

These values are synonymous with Conservatism and the foundation of the Republican Party. 
For too long good people have been denied this message and instead directed to  a life of dependency, despair and poverty.

This event will be repeated soon and hopefully to a growing audience nationwide.