This past week has been fast and furious with fraud allegation issues.  Worldnews reported that Edward Solomon discovered the algorithm that was used to give Biden an enormous number of votes.  There is a short and long version of this on Rumble where Edward just examines some precincts in Philadelphia.   

Dominion says this is allegations of fraud are false, except for a few facts.  There are two videos out that where Dominion executive of strategy and security, Eric Cooms, demonstrates how to switch votes.  Another video of Eric showed how he said there was no way that Trump would win and he made sure of that.   

Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, who is “an experienced cybercrimes investigator and digital security executive, who has worked with the CIA, NSA, FBI, and U.S. military counterintelligence” as well as a renowned security expert with banks, testified that he has “high confidence that the election 2020 data were altered in all battleground states that resulted in a hundreds of thousand of votes that were cast for President Trump to be transferred to Vice President Biden”.  Realize that if both Trump and Biden had 5 votes and you transferred just one vote to Biden, the result would be 6 for Biden and 4 for Trump because the transfer results in double what might first appear to be the obvious.  

There were missing USB sticks (thumb drives) and loss of chain of custody in PA. 

Another person testified that in a about an hour and a half, about 570,000 votes showed up for Biden and about 3,200 for Trump.  There was an outbreak of incredulous laughter in the Legislature at that point. 

Another piece of evidence was testimony that both China and Iran had remote access to the Dominion voting machine process.  Neither are friends of the USA.   

At almost the same time, at least three States had the vote counting process stopped and then hundreds of thousands of Biden votes appeared when the counting restarted.  

Native Americans were bribed to have them vote for Biden in exchange for gifts in Nevada and perhaps elsewhere.  

On another front, many thought it was strange that in late September and in October, there was as much as 40% of registered voter extra ballots be kept on hand.   

A PA judge has ruled that the injunction against certifying the election was valid and that the PA election was largely unconstitutional.  This gives the PA legislators the legal authority to decide the PA electoral college electors.  

In Nevada, 13,372 voter registrations in this election were found to have invalid birthdays and also addresses of casinos and temporary RV parks as home addresses. 

MRC did a poll and 17% of those who voted for Biden stated that if the media they watched had given them all the facts that were censored, they would not have voted for Biden.  “Twitter was blocking any search of potentially harmful links to Sydney Powell election lawsuit”. So much for media trust.

Hundreds of millions of dollars went to purchase Dominion machines this year for the election.  Why the rush and why were last minute updates occurring?  Why weren’t the machines checked for integrity?  Texas did check and said Dominion machines did not meet their requirements.   

A PA data scientist and poll watcher testified that he personally saw USB cards being uploaded to voting machines over 24 times.   

Lawsuits have been filed in multiple States alleging voter fraud.  Remember, people who testify and can be proved to have lied are subject to felony convictions.  

A Milwaukee recount commission refused to allow Republicans to see absentee ballot envelopes or even see the recount clearly. 

Remember, mail-in ballots were used to try and prevent President Lincoln from getting a second term.  The election of Rutherford Hayes to the Presidency was another example of politics intruding on the will of the people.  In this election, I believe that Democrats probably reached new highs in attempting to prevent Trump from being re-elected.  However, remember, the general election is not the election to determine the Presidency.  It is the electoral college which meets in December.  If neither candidate has the sufficient electoral votes at that time, the States each get one vote to elect the President.  Buckle up, as this is a historical ride. 
Bill Hamm 
North Royalton, Ohio