A Tale of Two Salons

by Julie Love
A country girl with 2 children shares views from her life in the inner-city - as published in Eagle Rising
Janary 17, 2015

I am on a business trip this week.  I had a few salon appointments to take me from "redneck" to "fabulous redneck" in preparation for the trip.

One salon that I have gone to off and on over the years is owned by an Italian woman.  She employs (mostly) gorgeous, thin, talented Italian women.  Oh, and everyone is Christian.
There is one employee at the salon who has Down's syndrome.  You know how they treat her at the salon?  Exactly like everyone else, that's how.

Guess what that is?  Real equality.  Why is this real equality?  Because it isn't any social justice crap or income inequality nonsense.  This is God-given equality.  Everyone at the salon knows that God created each one of us and loves us all the same. So, they treat everyone the same.
At a different salon, I was talking about wearing a fur coat on the business trip.  The woman next to me said, "I always feel bad for the little critters when I wear fur."
I asked, "Have you ever spent much time with live vermin?"

Of course she said, "No."

"Give it a try, you might change your opinion."

At the second salon, the clientele can't even figure out that people are above vermin.
The gal who does my manicures and I were just chit-chatting away happily, noisily and, I noticed, alone.  No one else was talking much.  The clients were on their electronics not paying any attention to the people who were working on them.

At the second salon, clients aren't very nice to the salon employees.  The salon is in a very liberal area, so most of the clients probably vote for tax hikes and other things that liberals love.
(Actually, they mostly do vote for that stuff.  Remember, I am a poll worker and we count each vote by hand). See, they are all in to the liberal social-justice-income-inequality crap while looking down on the people who polish their toes.

They have it all mixed up.  God made us all the same and He put us above the animals.

Which do you prefer: real equality from God or made-up equality from confused people?