Ten Ways The Frederick Douglass Foundation WILL Save the Republican Party
There are many out there giving all sorts of reasons for the fact that Mitt Romney earned fewer votes than John McCain.  Few however, are mentioning that, of all the groups under this so-called big tent that supposedly needs to be bigger, blacks aren’t being invited into the tent with anything other than half-hearted invitations that are met with rejection by the bouncer at the tent’s front entrance.  The bouncer tells a few blacks about the rear entrance, but many are written off as unimportant.  Not all blacks want to remain on the government plantation, and their reasons have little to do with anything coming from the mouths of the Republican Party’s squishy risk-averse politico wizards who are continuously running the Republican Party into an icy snowdrift of defeat.  Many Republicans and conservative-minded people feel like the Republican Party doesn’t even like its own base and would rather replace us with another that would vote blindly and religiously without being allowed to have input.  Well, that needs to change right now. 
The Frederick Douglass Foundation is the largest Christ-centered, multi-ethnic and Republican ministry in America.  We have the first-hand knowledge of and experience in what it takes to show minorities how too many of them are voting against their own self-interests.  As well, we know how the Republican Party should cater its message for these minorities.  We know how to communicate with the black community through the black pastors.  Without us, the Republicans are as welcome at the front door of the black church as blacks feel at the front entrance to the Republican Party’s so-called big tent.  We know the problems, we have the solutions, and the Republican Party needs us at the table.
The Problem
In communicating with minorities, we first reach out.  Then we teach the truth about history, conservatism and how conservatism, in its purest form, correlates with the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Once we’ve established credibility by reaching out and teaching, we are able to preach to the people what we believe and why we believe it.  This method works, but without street credibility, of which the Republican Party has none in most minority communities, the Republican Party will have no chance of making their tent bigger.
It’s true, not all minorities should be Republicans.  Some are socialist stooges on which any efforts to recruit would be completely wasted.  However, there is a strong conservative and Christian ethic inside many minority communities that serves as the foundational yearning for the strong familial bonds that minority communities once shared.  The black family wasn’t always in such tatters as it is now.  In fact, before socialism was injected into the American political body starting in the 1930’s, black children were actually more likely to be in two-parent homes than were white children.  In fact, in 1965, when Daniel Patrick Moynihan issued his report, “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action,” a massive 24% of all black children were born out of wedlock.  Today, 29% of white children are born out of wedlock, and more than 70% of black children are.  That’s how bad the situation has gotten.  Those that run the system that has made the problem so much worse scoffed at Moynihan, but the numbers suggest he was right.  How high do those numbers need to go before we take the situation seriously?
These socialist policies were implemented to buy the black vote away from the Republican Party and were implemented in a way so as to discourage the creation and the maintaining of the black family.  The Republican Party has not only failed to fight the destruction of the black family and to fight every governmental program that is put into place in order to serve as a replacement for this said family, but they’ve shown nothing but disinterest to those in the black community pleading with the party for help in freeing the blacks from this modern-day government plantation.  In return for welfare of all sorts, the party of government only requires that minorities vote for them and that there should not be a man in the home of a woman with children.  The establishment does not want competition for their influence on the minds of children from upstanding men who aren’t afraid to be fathers.  The influence of fathers is being replaced with the influence of government, and without the male/female balance of influence, children grow up in chaos. 
The best way to keep a child out of poverty is to allow that child to grow up in a two-parent family.  A child with two parents is less likely to get into trouble in school, less likely to drop out of school, less likely to be sexually molested, less likely to graduate functionally illiterate, less likely to join a gang, less likely to abuse drugs, and less likely spend time in jail or in other liberty-killing government institutions.  Knowing this, our goal at the Frederick Douglass Foundation is not only to strengthen the American family, but also to fight any liberal efforts to weaken it.  And we do this unashamedly. 
Too often, the Republican Party has been timid in its willingness to stand up for traditional American values.  But this unwillingness will continue to be met with an unwillingness of conservative-minded voters to actually show up at the polls for them.  In times like these, the Republican Party has no room to continue to refuse to reform.  The endless printing of money to fund the multi-trillion dollar deficits and the resulting devaluation of the dollar will only lead us to a third-world living standard.  The line in the sand’s been crossed.  America’s already sliding swiftly down the slippery slope to nowheresville.  The Republican Party’s weak-kneed attempts at pretending to fight must absolutely and immediately be replaced with a warrior-like crusade to free our country from the stranglehold of big government.  We must be the party of ideas, and we must not shirk our duties as the adults in the country to explain to the voting population why conservatism is right.
For many in the minority communities, they will not notice the difference in America as we drift of into a stagflationary economic nightmare.  Their living standards are already third world in nature, but when the rest of the country is living like that as well and when there are too few productive people left to pay the taxes to support this glorious third-world living standard, where will we be then?
The Republican Party must realize this and realize it quickly.  The answer is not to give up and go along, but it is to educate, in terms people will understand, why conservatism is the answer.  If the party refuses to clean up its house, not only will the Republican Party find it impossible to win national elections, but they will also find winning such elections more and more meaningless as they continue to allow the people living on the system to just make run after run on the bankrupt national treasury in order to vote themselves raises. 
Politics is like a chessboard, but the Republicans are playing checkers.  By failing to control the narrative, we are too often on the defensive. Republicans are forced to defend their beliefs while others have already defined our motives in terms that aren’t true.  It’s as if we’re regularly four steps behind.  The Republicans need to start playing chess.  Accepting the system the way it is, we need to start proposing policies within the system that produce the results that are conservative.  Instead of calling for getting rid of the welfare state, we should be proposing taxation, benefits and incentives inside the system that will yield conservative results.  In doing so, we will force those who disagree with us into a defensive fetal position when they are forced to defend the status quo by making arguments that completely violate everyone’s Christian heritage and sense of decency.  We will need to anticipate the arguments that they will be required to make against our common-sense proposals, and then we will need to further put them on the defense.  In the meantime, we will gain the trust of exactly those voters whom we’ve completely ignored.  We will be able to define conservatism on our own terms, as well as prove it is indeed the only good choice.
The Solution
Here are ten things that the Frederick Douglass Foundation propose:
One of the minority community’s collective fears is that the Republican Party wants to take away their benefits.  Of course no one’s willing to tell them differently.  Since the Republican Party message isn’t geared towards getting minorities to vote for them, the Republican Party gets defined as a racist and bigoted organization that wants to put blacks back in chains- to paraphrase our distinguished Vice President.  One of the Frederick Douglass Foundation’s duties is to refute this nonsense.  We need to explain how these “benefits” come with strings and that these strings are used to keep the blacks in metaphorical chains on the government plantation.  We’ll need more than just Christian-based arguments for traditionalism.  We will need to explain to the minority populations that conservatism is in fact the way to a more prosperous life with a fatter pocketbook.  
We must go over the establishment’s heads to educate minorities on the real history of the political parties in America.  This might involve commercials strategically placed on BET and on black radio.  A series of super PAC commercials starting immediately will serve as the new educational foundation for the blacks in the community.  These will be promotional commercials for the Frederick Douglass Foundation, and each will tell a quick little startling story about history or offer set of facts that will completely undermine the reason any black person would ever vote for a Democrat.  It could be as simple as this: “Did you know that it was the Republican Party, under their first President Abraham Lincoln, who freed the Slaves.  It was the Democrat Party that fought under the rebel flag to keep slavery as an institution in America. 
Once the Democrats lost the war, they formed the KKK to lynch blacks and Republicans.  The KKK would force blacks to vote for Democrats at the point of a gun.  Over the Democrat Party’s efforts to stop them, the Republicans passed amendments to free the slaves, to give blacks citizenship and the right to vote, and it was the Republicans in congress who passed all of the civil rights bills. 
Yet the Democrat Party still voted for segregation, while it was the Republicans who voted to end segregation.  We’re the Frederick Douglass Foundation.  Learn more at FDF dot org.  The Republican Party is the Party of the black man.  We’re taking it back.  FDF dot org.”  All we need to do is plant the seed.  Radio advertisement on black radio stations will be more effective than TV ads, which are too often ignored with the use of DVR fast forward.  We need to hang slavery, segregation, the KKK and the black genocide on the Democrat Party.  Let them defend it, and then blast them with more facts once they do.  That’s how we play chess- with the big guns.
By the way, this information should be plastered all over every Republican website out there.  The fact that so many Republicans don’t know their own great history only makes it harder to make arguments on behalf of their party. 
We must get the Republican Party to propose something that might seem radical, but will make sense in the long run.  Once the Republican Party has reached the black community and educated them on true history, the Republican Party needs to propose something that will lift the black man up.  The main issue that keeps the black man down is the fact that so many black children grow up in one-parent homes.  The strings that come with welfare benefits require that a man not live in the house where a woman is raising her children.  In other words, the government has convinced single mothers that, if they decide to break the rules and get married, then they will lose their benefits.  This is why, in some inner cities, 90% of all black babies are born out-of-wedlock.  The government should not be discouraging beneficial behavior like marriage with social policies that hurt black children by depriving too many of them of the important influence of a father.
The Republican Party should thus propose a new welfare policy that actually encourages marriage.  Instead of losing benefits, welfare recipients who get married will get a temporary boost in government funds, and these funds will not be taken away for a certain period of time if one or both of the parents decide to get a job.  For the first two years of marriage, this couple’s income will be super-charged with a continued influx of welfare funds.  These funds can be slowly lowered over that period of time, but in the end, the family will more than likely find itself able to live without the benefits.  Along the way, this family will be strengthened as the parents replace the low self-esteem of being on welfare with the pride that comes with achieving self-sufficiency. 
In the long run, this will save the government welfare costs by encouraging those on welfare to get married and support themselves without welfare.  It will also allow many more black children to grow up with their fathers, making it less likely that they will end up in jail, which will save more taxpayer dollars by decreasing the number of people in jail.  The government costs will go down in many ways if the black family is returned to its former glory, and when blacks go from being users of taxpayer dollars to being working taxpayers, the government will find it even easier to remain solvent.  The road to solvency involves the creation of more taxpayers. 
Of course, there will need to be rules in place to prevent fake marriages.  If a marriage dissolves within five years, the couple will be required to pay back the additional welfare dollars that they’d received as part of the deal.  At the same time though, if there are bad circumstances that necessitate the dissolving of the marriage (such as physical abuse or other abuses) this rule can be waived.  Regardless, the Republicans need to use social policy as a way to help those enslaved on the government plantation find freedom.  As 21st Century Abolitionists, this is our underground railroad.  It’s not something that the most in the government would ever support because they do not support the strengthening of the family. 
The entrenched incumbents’ resistance to these common-sense ideas will make it even easier to win elections.  When making the arguments for helping those on welfare to get off it by financially encouraging marriage, while having the establishment scoff at the idea, it will be easy for the Republican Party to point to the fact that the establishment doesn’t really want minorities to have a better life.  It would rather minorities live in poverty, dependent upon the moldy government cheese, than find freedom through self-sufficiency.  A wise chess player will anticipate the arguments the establishment will need to make in order to stop the Republican Party’s efforts to bolster the black family.  Checkmate. 
We must address and expose the blatant racial motives in the government party’s sacrament of abortion.  Abortion is a tool of the Eugenics movement used to kill as many blacks as possible.  It is also a money-laundering scheme whereby Planned Parenthood gets about one million dollars a day to kill black babies, and the pro-abortion party gets money back as campaign contributions.  In other words, the government establishment is partially funded with the blood-money government-subsidized profits of killing unborn babies.  And regular commercials need to be on black radio making this point.  There’s a reason that most Planned Parenthoods are located in minority communities, and minorities need to know the historical reasons for this.  As well, it must be made clear that about 1,200 black babies are killed in America every day.  The Tuskegee Institute estimates that the KKK lynched and killed about 3,500 blacks in 86 years.  In other words, more blacks are killed in the Democrat Party’s abortion mills in 3 days than the KKK killed in 86 years.
The Republican Party, with the help of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, needs to lay this race-based blood letting on the party that promotes it.  And we need to draw attention to the glee with which they takes these lives and how they benefit financially from doing so. 
At the same time, we need to be sensitive to those who’ve had abortions.  Post-abortive syndrome is a common in both men and women, and we need to be very sensitive to its effects on those who need to receive our message.  These folks need to be reminded of the forgiveness that Jesus Christ offers to those who are willing to receive it.  I wouldn’t want to hold my breath waiting for the pro-abortion establishment to talk about the forgiveness that Jesus Christ offers to those who’ve been convinced to have an abortion.  But I’d love to hear the establishment’s spokesmen explain how those who’ve had abortions have no need of forgiveness, simply because Planned Parenthood has paid tribute to them in the form of campaign contributions.
In order to fight the government’s efforts to make abortion common and free through the use of tax dollars to fund abortions for low-income people, the Republican Party needs to make abortion more cost prohibitive.  The nanny staters love to put sin taxes on tobacco, alcohol, sugary drinks, fattening foods, carbon-based energy and even work.  They do this because they know that taxing something means that there will be less of it.  How is murdering an unborn baby not a sin?  If we want less abortion, we should propose a 300% sin tax on all abortions.  Of course, the pro-abortion party will oppose this with the fury of a witch holding a broken broom stick, but let’s allow them to make the argument that killing the unborn is not a sin. 
This is a national conversation that the Republican Party should love to have.  Why is a profitable outfit like Planned Parenthood a non-profit organization?  Why shouldn’t they have to pay taxes on their profits?  Why shouldn’t the American population be made aware of the fact that Planned Parenthood gets a million dollars a day in taxpayer money and doesn’t have to pay taxes on their profits, yet they have extra money to pay tribute to the abortion party in the form of campaign donations?  You don’t have to be head cashier at the jiffy mart to figure out that the abortion party is playing mob boss by accepting protection money from the abortion mills. In answer to the question about what we should do with the children that are born to mothers who can’t afford to take care of them, the Republican Party needs to get behind faith-based adoption agencies and defend their rights not to be forced to allow babies to be adopted by homosexuals. 
The right of religious people to adhere to their faith must not be violated through frivolous lawsuits that impose governmental regulations on religious groups who cannot, in good faith, allow children to be adopted by homosexuals.  Attention must be drawn to the fact that Catholic adoption agencies in Massachusetts were forced to close down because the state, which imposed the redefinition of marriage on the people, refused to allow them to adhere to their faith as they performed their adoption-agency duties.  Preservation of the family unit, as imagined by God, is of the utmost importance in the preservation of our United States.  Redefining the family unit to accommodate those who define their identity by the sin of homosexuality will only weaken the institution of family.  Strengthening the family unit, especially in the black community, must be our number one goal at all times.  Dare the party of big government to argue against that. The Republican Party must not write off the traditional values voters by half-hearted attempts to preserve the institution of marriage.  It must be protected from redefinition by the secular left. 
Marriage is a religious institution that existed before the United States of America was even thought of.  The State did not create marriage and has no business redefining it.  If the meaning of marriage came from God, as it did, allowing man the arrogance it takes to assume he’s wise enough to change its meaning will only render it meaningless.  We need the Republican Party to be led by a man who can make this argument without allowing the liberals to shame him into submission.  We need the party to be willing to stand up and make these arguments.  A marriage amendment is necessary and possible.  Marriage wins at the ballot box just about every time it’s put to a vote. 
And it will win even more easily if we’ve got a party willing to make the easy argument for marriage.  We should not feel shame for supporting traditional marriage, but those that support the redefinition are the ones that need to know what shame is.  As of now, they appear to have no shame whatsoever.  Let them display that lack of shame.  I can’t imagine too many parents looking forward to attending their child’s gay “wedding.” In this same vain, the Republican Party needs to stand up for those religious folks who are being persecuted for not being willing to work for homosexuals.  In states where “gay marriage” is occurring, those who work at weddings doing catering, music, photography and managing wedding halls are being sued if they refuse to take the job from homosexuals trying to get “married.”  Many of these people are being forced to pay hefty fines and having to give up their businesses and livelihoods.  Our party needs to stand up for religious rights.  We have no obligation to work for those whom we choose not to work.  It is our right not to have to work for them.  Is this discrimination?  No.  The government has no right whatsoever to rewrite the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God so that religious people will be conscripted into a life of sin as defined by the God they worship.  This, if allowed by the government through the government’s courts, is a violation of the 1st Amendment. 
The Republican Party, with the help of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, needs to be able to make this argument and to be willing to do so with the unquestioned authority of God Himself. The Republican Party needs to cease allowing itself and its motives to be defined by the establishment.  Spokesmen for the Republican Party need to make sure that liberals aren’t allowed to use their preconceived talking points as the basis for what is wrong with this country.  The economy isn’t in shambles because of the policies of President George W. Bush.  It is in shambles because the Republican Party has allowed the liberals to run the government with liberal social policies that have consequences. 
Those consequences were felt with the collapse of the housing market.  That had nothing whatsoever to do with tax cuts and lack of regulation.  Instead, it had everything to do with forcing banks to lend to those they knew wouldn’t be able to pay the money back- that is in fact a symptom of overregulation of the marketplace.  One of the driving forces behind this movement was actually an organization with which the president was affiliated- ACORN.  The consequences of trying to fix a problem created by liberal social policies with more liberal social policies will be devastating.  America is about to get the worst possible first-hand lesson in economics in the next few years that one could possibly imagine.  The Republicans need to stop pretending that liberal talking heads understand enough about economics to be legitimate voices at the table.  Instead, it should be our duty to help educate them as to why they are wrong. 
As well, we need to continuously explain why the coming recession is indeed a product of the establishment’s socialist big-government policies.  It is not a hangover from the Bush economy.  It is big-government establishment’s goal to impoverish as many Americans as possible so as to make them dependent upon government programs and financially coerce them into voting for big-government incumbents into perpetuity.  We are the rebels who refuse to be controlled by those who would have us trade our freedom for their power. The Republican Party needs to make arguments against amnesty for illegal aliens in economic terms that will explain how amnesty will actually cause wages for other people to go down, including legal Hispanics.  As is, the government subsidizes the labor of illegal aliens by giving them free healthcare and food stamps, thus enabling them to work for lower wages under the table.  Once amnestied and legalized, they will no longer be able to work for such low wages.  At that point, they will be forced to compete with American citizens and legal immigrants for low-paying but legal jobs.  This will create a demand for more unskilled illegal aliens who will be willing to work under the table, while, at the same time, creating a larger supply of workers competing for low-paying and unskilled legal jobs.  This will make it even harder for all Americans to find lower-paying jobs, and it will enable the companies to offer even less money and fewer benefits, as there will be even more folks looking to take those jobs. 
Those in the government trying to replace the electorate it despises loves to paint we who oppose amnesty for illegal aliens as racist, but how is supporting a system that allows Americans- black, Hispanic, white or whatever race- to get higher paying jobs racist?  If preferring that a black-American or an Hispanic-American be the preferred candidate for a $10 an hour job over a newly legalized alien who broke the law to come to this country and who will work for $8 an hour is racist, then the Republican Party might as well give it up now.  But, it’s as if we already have.  The Republican Party spokesmen are too often unable or unwilling to make this argument based on economics.  They should, and they need to learn how to do it.  It’s not bigoted to stand up for the laws of our nation or to stand up for those whose ability to make a living is hindered because foreigners refuse to obey our laws and come here legally. 
And for those who’d worry that making these arguments will hurt with the Latino vote- why would they assume that all Latinos support the lawbreakers in their communities who refused to live by the same rules as they did?  Isn’t that assumption kind of racist in itself?  Let the party of big government make the argument that all Hispanics are in favor of breaking the law out of loyalty to their race.  Sure, those at La Raza are indeed a bunch of racist gringo-hating socialist conquistadors, but let the open-borders crowd make the argument that all Hispanics think like that.  We at the Frederick Douglass Foundation know for fact that that’s not true.  Once the economic argument has been made, it will be much easier to close the border and control who comes in.
The Republican Party, with the help of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, needs to explain why conservative social issues and economic issues will help minorities.  After actually sincerely reaching out, we must remind and educate everyone that the entrenched party of government is the party of slavery, segregation, the KKK and the black genocide of abortion.  We must then explain how the present-day government establishment uses social policy to enslave many minorities in this country on their government plantation by attaching strings to the benefits they offer in exchange for votes. 
These strings are what hurt minorities financially, and if the Republican Party simply reaches out to the minority communities with unabashed conservative arguments, we will be received.  Why must we assume that all minorities, simply because they might get benefits from the government, would prefer a system that makes the creation of a traditional family more unlikely?  We have to show and prove that this is exactly what the party of government prefers and envisions for their own benefit and to the detriment of the black family and of all the black children who are forced to grow up without fathers as a result. 
It may not happen immediately, but a concerted effort to go over the heads of the liberal gatekeepers of socialism with a strategy for educating those who’ve been programmed by the liberal institutions will ultimately enable us to compete for minority votes.  Failing to reach out though, as is the Republican Party’s habit, will yield no results whatsoever.  We’re the Frederick Douglass Foundation.  Join us in our efforts to heal our nation.  Thinking big, planning ahead and taking risks will grow the party.  First we reach out, second we teach, and then we preach with the credibility we don’t have now.  Failing to do so will keep us walking in the political desert for generations.
Timothy F. Johnson
Founder and President/CEO